[Marxism] The Inhuman Science of Marxism (was: Marx asLeftoftheMarxists)

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Tue Feb 10 21:29:08 MST 2004

In The German Ideology, Marx and Engels point out that concepts of "human"
and "inhuman" are not just historically relative but class-defined, i.e
defined in terms of the moralities of social classes and motivated in part
by interests which flow from class position, and whatever material "stake"
people have in the argument. Ernest Mandel elaborated on this in an essay on
Marx's view of the "moral double standard" in class-divided societies, which
results from the inability to reconcile class interests with the general
interest of society. That is, it is in practice impossible to realise a
morality with universalist pretensions - hence a resort to a religion which
transcends the realities of the clash of competing interests between people.


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