[Marxism] Re.: Fun movies--George the Chickenhawk

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 10 23:48:21 MST 2004

Fun, funny, and delightfully snide.

Most folks have a visceral feeling that a rich boy can get away with
anything.  Stoke it up!  The lackeys of the wealthy charge "Class envy!
Class resentment! Losers!"  So how does George W. Bush *deserve* t'be a
winner?  His exceptional intelligence --as evidenced by his school
grades?  His devotion to duty --as proved by his record in the armed
services?  His high moral example?  By what measure?  His death
warrants?  His hard workin ways, or his holidays?  His attention to
detail?  His conservative caution?  The Iraq Attack?  Man-o'man!  This
guy is the leader of a pack of rich guys.  But it's not a gang.  It's a
class.  He is the living exemplar of the capitalist class.  Where do you
fit in?  Whose side are you on?

[the above polemic is offered as a grass roots level analysis, vulgate

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