[Marxism] The Inhuman Science of Marxism (was: Marx asLeftoftheMarxists)

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Wed Feb 11 09:27:14 MST 2004

The materialist conception of history has fundamentally triumphed in all 
intellectual quarters on earth. A historic service was rendered by the Soviet 
power in spreading the teachings of the Grand Masters - Marx and Engels. At one 
point in its glorious history the Soviet Power printed and distributed - on 
behalf of the wretched of the earth, more copies of Lenin's "State and Revolution" 
than the Holy Bible. These words became Holy. The writer became Prophet. 

Poor Mother Russia. In your greatest moment of need we failed you. We failed 
ourselves. Our mighty Red banner fly at half mast but it shall be hoisted 
anew. It has been written and the word has been passed from one generation to the 

First came the word. 

Man makes his own history. The Marxist entered the battle as an intellectual 
movement welding "the word." The Marxist movement confirms the dialectic of 
life. What was an intellectual movement - a subjective expression of an 
objective material process, is morphing into a material movement of humanity. 

Shall humankind eat and be clothed? Will billions be sacrificed on the alter 
of high finance? The wretched billions are the communist class. They are the 
word made flesh. During the time of the Grand Masters, Lenin and Stalin, there 
did not exist a material category called the communist class. This social 
formation does not rise during the transition from landed property relations to 
industrial society. 

The word has been made flesh. Communism is not possible without a communist 
class. Abolition of property - not simply a change in ownership, is the 
watchword. Not industrial socialism but communism as it is arising out of bourgeois 
property. The communist class is not an ideological category. It has been made 

"He who does not work shall not eat" is an antiquated socialism. To each 
according to their socially necessary needs, from each according to their ability 
is on the agenda. 

The soul of wo/man is encased in flesh - biology. The healing of the heart 
and earth itself is the goal of the communist movement. The purpose of the 
communist movement is human happiness. Here is the communist ideology. 

Loyal Molotov (loyal beyond human comprehension) was correct: all roads lead 
to communism more or less. 

Not Saint Peter but Molotov opens the gate to the Grand Masters. He has risen 
and ascended. From the finest diplomatic spokesperson of the proletarian 
authority to Gate Keeper. Not the hammer of Thor. It is the hammer of steel that 
created the gates that takes one over the rainbow. 

It is he I shall encounter at the end of this journey and the beginning of 
the next. 

The word was written in blood ink. The word has been made flesh. 

Melvin P.

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