[Marxism] Re.: ...AND RELIGION...

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 11 12:56:03 MST 2004

I mean no disrespect to the religious or spiritually inclined, but such
things are individual preoccupations as far as I’m concerned, and should
not interfere with operations of the state.  Politics should be
atheistic.  Religion and spirituality are too subjective.  Politically
and economically speaking, they are nonsense.

Because some believe, yes, believe that they have a certain
responsibility to enlighten us as to their beliefs, why should I be
forbidden to explain mine?  For me religion is nonsense.  I don’t mean
stupid or idiotic.  I mean not sensed.

I am not a devout student of theology or philosophy, so please forgive
my straightforward analysis.  The spiritual is beyond matter, by
definition.  It is meta-physical.  Super-natural.

The subject of religion is not and cannot be based on any measurable
quanta.  None of the five senses can record certain religious tenets.
The spirit or the soul cannot be found by science.  Can there be virgin
birth from a human female?  Can a person who has been dead then rise
alive again?  Can an average individual walk on water without large
Styrofoam shoes?  Can people levitate into the clouds?  Has anyone else
heard G*d talking to you?  Are there angels?  Is there a Heaven/Hell, or
an Afterlife?  You know, I don’t know about that.  I cannot know.
That’s the point.  Let’s deal with the real.

I guess I could believe.  I once believed.  I believed in Santa Claus.
I hated my sister when she ratted on my conspiratorial parents.  I felt
betrayed by that girl, and that pair of adults.  When it was proven to
me, I felt fooled.  And I lamented that a generous jolly old man was
dead.  I really cried.  If Father Xmess was really only an idea, they
had killed that idea.  I suspect that I feared I would lose out, too.  I
worried that if I denied Saint Nick that I, too, would be denied
—Christmas presents.  But I think that juvenile revelation prepared me
for later on when my perplexing, authoritarian Christian God passed away
as well.

Furthermore, for all its non-materialism, religion has certainly got a
real, bloody history.  That ferocious legacy revolts and repels me.  It
weighs like a nightmare on my brain.  It reeks with hypocrisy.  I fear,
based on observation, that sanctimonious fanatics and their powerful,
overbearing institutions (materialistic organizations based on Faith!)
threaten reason—the way to our true salvation.


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