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Wed Feb 11 13:42:33 MST 2004

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
> It is deeply disturbing to see that, in the course of two posts, any 
> criticism of Lula and Gutierrez or Mesa has become equivalent to the 
> useless category of 'ultra-leftism'. In reality, Lula has done less than 
> Goulart in the days before Death Squads made their first full tour 
> through Brazil. 

I think you might be reading too much into the coup against Goulart. 
Washington's main complaint was that he maintained a neutral foreign 
policy. Compare this with the following:

Jul. 24, 2003: Diario Las Américas, Miami (translated from original in 

Cuba: Lula Supports Castro's Internal "Blockade"

by Armando F. Valladares

In the first two weeks of July the president of Brazil, Mr. Lula da 
Silva; his chancellor, Celso Amorim; and their ambassador in Cuba, 
Tilden Santiago (a former priest, a follower of the theology of 
liberation, and intimate friend of the dictator Fidel Castro), made 
important pronouncements that favor, try to justify, and lend support to 
the bloody communist dictatorship of Cuba, which for more than forty 
years has oppressed twelve million of my Cuban brothers. During his 
visit to London, Lula harshly blamed exiled Cubans "who live in Miami" 
for maintaining what he called "the Cuban blockade" on the part of the 
United States; in Madrid, his chancellor, after affirming generically 
that "we defend human rights and democracy," tried to justify the brutal 
socio-political situation of Cuba alleging that "we recognize advances 
in the social sphere" and "we believe that a good part of the problems 
of Cuba are due to the American embargo"; in Brasilia, the ambassador 
Santiago said cynically that the recent barbaric shootings and 
imprisoning of opponents were a valid recourse of the Communist state to 
defend itself against American efforts "to destabilize the Cuban State."

Days before, the Brazilian president, in a symbolic gesture, placed on 
his head the cap of the pro-Castro Without-Land Movement (MST), during 
the visit of its leaders to the presidential palace; he received at a 
dinner two of the most important figures of the Cuban regime, the 
vice-president Carlos Lage and the chancellor Felipe Pérez, who heard 
from the Brazilian government its commitment to continue collaborating 
economically and politically with the regime; and, shortly afterward, he 
announced his trip to Havana, for next September.

full: http://www.cubdest.org/0312/c0307vlulae.html


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