[Marxism] Re.: A Henwood-Featherstone-Parenti article

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 11 14:34:30 MST 2004

Cuba: Lula Supports Castro's Internal "Blockade"
by Armando F. Valladares

Armando F. Valladares?

Yes, Armando F. Valladares: gusano de tutti gusanos.

"Armando Valladares, former political prisoner of Cuba, author of the
book Against All Hope, was American ambassador before the Commission of
Human Rights of the UN [it is to laff!], in Geneva, during the Reagan
and Bush administrations."  --and thespian par excellence for his role
as "Crippled Torture Victim of El Dictador."

Valladares' denunciation of Lula should be indicatative enough of the
feelings of the few at the top.

I hope I don't sound schizoid, but while supporting Lula et alia versus
imperialism, I also think we must encourage persistence in the popular
push for social and economic justice.  They are not mutually exclusive.
They, in fact, require each other.  The more insistant the constituency,
the more legitimate can become their representation, and in fact such
people's power expressed can activate policies in their interest, both
nominally and in deed.  (The last word should resonate with the
Landless.) There is, however, and tipping point where the people's push
of the state can (or be perceived as a) turn against the current head of
state.  When that individual and associated organizations are the best
bets for the populace, it would be folly to divorce--especially in
consideration of the available, viable alternatives.

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