[Marxism] Re.: Marx was right?

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 11 18:50:51 MST 2004

Hi, Ken,
I was being approximate, but the specific section I refered to was:

Karl Marx
Capital, Volume One
Part VIII: Primitive Accumulation

I've often thought that Part VIII could stand alone as an introductory
booklet, especially for students of history.

I still have problems with your arguments for one-to-a-worker voting
shares in their places of production.  At best, the idea seems to me to
be somewhat analogous to workers' councils, or soviets.  Maybe the
Chinese Communist Party might consider it, although I do not see it as
very likely.  However, I cannot shake the conviction that they would be
doomed in a capitalist economy, for you haven't really explained, or I
have misunderstood, how the capitalist dynamic could be eliminated by
workers voting in a private enterprise.  I may hazard that it is worthy
of suggestion to workers in capitalist countries, but more as a
heuristic device meant to demonstrate how socialism would be superior to
a partial approach down one dead end to a utopian workers' democracy.

I will contemplate your ideas some more, but remain provisionally
convinced of a more direct route to socialism .

In solid.,

P.S.: Good luck with the book. It looks like it'll be coming out soon.
People living under George W. Bush should empathize with those who
languish under Mike Harris and his Tory creeps.

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