[Marxism] Re.: Marx was right?

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 11 22:02:59 MST 2004

OK, I had dinner.

“The main difficulty is to get a political party to propose worker
as a platform.”  There are several parties that propose worker ownership

as a platform, but worker ownership of the state, not as associates in a
profit-driven enterprise.

Once you introduce political affairs, you must entertain affairs of
state.  Then, it seems to me, your idea seems to bounce backwards.  You
leave labor at the site of production to enter politics, then return to
labor in its same old environment, just with a different seating
arrangement.  Why not just keep on keeping on and drive on through to
the other side?  To create or interest an activist organization, a
polity, with your ideas of worker interest, why not take it to its
logical conclusion?  Why interrupt the momentum?  I suspect it is
because you believe if you spill the beans, your workers will see red
and shy off.

Maybe you’re right.  Maybe your way is a means to introduce an
acceptable scheme for workers to take power (that way is still obscure
to me) without the taint of socialism, communism, Marxism, and all those
Red-is-dead shibboleths.  After they accept the reality of their
powerful position, then you can take it to the next level.  But still,
the proposal cycles from “plain and simple” labor back through politics.

However, I am lately beginning to think that there may be several roads
to socialist revolution, and that mine may not necessarily be the right
one for you.  We may operate at different speeds, with different
circumstances, but if we can agree on our rendezvous (I call it
revolution, because that is what will happen), then we will have a
chance through our conjoined efforts to force the changes that will
usher in a new age (I call it socialism, because those will be its
characteristics).  I hope you are not heading down a detour to a big

I also realize that you have some intellectual capital invested in your
idea that is soon to appear in bookstores, be debated in a Canadian
AutoWorkers local, and be derided by Tories as well as whatever Grits
are left in the province, and you will have to defend yourself, I mean,
your idea, and I have a sooty snowball’s chance in Hell in arguing my
case with you in any convincing respect.  So, as they say next door to
the east, bon chance, eh?


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