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I mean no disrespect to the religious or spiritually inclined, but such
things are individual preoccupations as far as I’m concerned, and should
not interfere with operations of the state.  Politics should be
atheistic.  Religion and spirituality are too subjective.  Politically
and economically speaking, they are nonsense.


Religion and the spiritual striving of man has never been the same. Politics 
are in the realm of the subjective by definition. There is no such thing as 
"objective" politics outside the materialist understand that politics are 
subjective conceptual frameworks for man in his objective materiel logic as species. 

With the emergence of means of production and classes, morality is eclipsed 
by ethics. Mythology is not religion, although all religion by definition 
contains myth-narrative. The narrative seeks to explain what someone did and why. 
As such it is a very primitive form of materialism.  

Marxism is not a doctrine but a standpoint. An approach to Grand historical 
narrative. Religion is a doctrine concerning man. Religion is not the spiritual 
quest of man but a doctrine that seeks to explain the quest. 

I of course am a dogged materialist - a Stalinist if you will - American 

Communists that have not mastered the art of the story - the myth, are 
limited to those people whose conception of history is without the mythology. 

Do the stats of the American peoples concerning their belief systems.  

The role of the state - I have in mind Lenin's State and Revolution" and not 
the Book of Enoch, has an ethical imperative, pretending to be a universal 
morality. The state is not an objective social formation without subjective - 
ideological formations, or without myth. 

Why materialists continue to argue over religion without separating it from 
the spiritual striving of man/women - the striving for the greater good of the 
spirit, is mind boggling. 

After all it is the state and not the Church that is to be reshaped through 
force. The multinational state of the United States of North America is not a 
religious organization. Individual zealots may become the heads of state but 
this is an origination of violence in the hands of the bourgeoisie. 

A modern critique of religion has to begin with an understanding of the 
sacred text and the various forms of primitive materialism. Then one must separate 
the myths from the ideology of an era and have the ability to extract that 
which is critical to the myth as material organization of human beings. 


Melvin P. 

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