[Marxism] Dean attacks 'corrupt' ads linked to backers of Kerry

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Thu Feb 12 07:57:53 MST 2004

Torricelli is the Senator From Cuba (the Miami part), just as Senator Bill
Knowland in the 1950s was known as the Senator from Formosa (Taiwan)

The television ads critical of Dean, which cost about a half-million
dollars, included one using a picture of bin Laden. The ads began airing in
December in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. They attacked Dean for
lacking foreign policy experience and for past positions in support of free
trade and cuts in Medicare benefits.

Records show that among the contributors to the group was former Sen. Robert
Torricelli of New Jersey, who is helping raise funds for Kerry's bid.
Torricelli donated $50,000 out of his campaign fund to the group, financial
disclosure reports show. Torricelli came under an ethics cloud in the Senate
two years ago for his fundraising activities and declined to seek
re-election. Other donors were unions that had backed Gephardt's ill-fated
presidential bid.

When the commercials ran, officials of the group refused to disclose their
donors, although the organization was viewed as an effort to halt Dean's
progress as the front-runner. Dean complained about the commercials when
they aired and asked that his competitors denounce them.

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from Brian Shannon

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