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>I'm aware of my ancestors exploitation of Native Americans, Africans and
>Latinos.  I understand that we continue to exploit the Third World.  I
>condone none of it.

<The issue is not whether you condone it. It is whether Stalin's record by 
objective measurements was crueler than that of the Andrew Jacksons of the 
world. It certainly was not.>


The record is there for all with eyes to sess and understand. Soviet 
industrialization was a million times more peaceful and considerate of human life than 
that of my own bourgeoisie. Compare to rates of incarceration of individuals 
under the Soviet Power to what is taking place in American society. 

Stalin will forever remain the bone stuck in the throat of the communist 
movement that cannot be coughed up or swallowed. In history I went with the boss. 
Perhsps this is because I have always been one of those stupid workers working 
my ass off for the greater good. 

The working men and women have no country - at least their advanced political 
representatives. The communists. We have geopolitical areas that have in 
history been defended at all cost from the onslaught of bourgeois property. Mother 
Russia was one such area. The Mother in mother Russia is our patriotism if 
you will or rather my internationalism. 

Is there anyone left on earth that can actually claim that industrialization 
of the Soviet Union was more cruel than slavery and the emergence of the world 
historic bourgeois property relations? Capitalism did not harmoniously arise 
from the countryside as an abstraction, but on the basis of slavery. Who did 
Stalin rape? 

Stalin was no saint. Nor was he an angel. When the saints go marching in hide 
the women and children and hold onto your wallet. 

Stalin crimes? Give me a break. 

Melvin P. 

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