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Opinion - In Our View: Kennewick Man

Sunday, February 8, 2004
Columbian editorial writers

Thankfully, scientists may go to work

     We have two reactions to a federal appeals court's ruling last week

that the "Kennewick Man" bones shall go to science rather than to a
American tribe for burial:

     * It is the right decision.

     * It is a shame the issue has dragged on for seven and a half years

since teenagers spotted the skeleton in the muddy bank of the Columbia 
River at Kennewick.

     Now, unless further appeals prolong the matter once again,
can go to work studying of the 9,200-year-old bones. And there is plenty

here to be excited about. As the judges say, this is a case about the 
remains of a man who lived at "a time predating all recorded history
any place in the world, a time before the oldest cities of our world had

been founded, a time so ancient that the pristine and untouched land and

the primitive cultures that may have lived on it are not deeply
by even the most well-informed men and women of our age."

full: http://www.columbian.com/02082004/clark_co/115525.html


Yale Herald
October 24, 2003  |  News

Of skulls and bones: More secrets of the tomb
Native Americans groups fight to recover lost skulls of Geronimo.


An axe pried open the iron door of the tomb, and Pat[riarch] Bush
and started to dig...Pat[riarch] James dug deep and pried out the trophy

itself...I showered and hit the hay...a happy man...''

So recounts a document thought to be an internal record from the Skull
Bones Society. "Pat[riarch] Bush" is Prescott Bush, father of an
political dynasty. His "trophy" is the skull of Geronimo, the Native 
American spiritual and military leader laid to rest in 1909 at Fort
Oklahoma, where Bush and fellow Bonesmen were stationed nine years

Alexandra Robbins, ES '98, has researched Bush's secret society 
extensively. Her recent book, Secrets of the Tomb, has heightened
in the activities of Skull and Bones. She attests to the legitimacy of
story, "The text looks to be an authentic Bones document describing 
Prescott Bush and other Bonesmen robbing Geronimo's grave and cleaning
skull with carbolic acid." In interviews with Robbins, Bonesmen have 
admitted that there is a skull in the tomb that they call Geronimo.

Current Members of Skull and Bones chose not to comment on the
of the allegations.

Apache tribal leader Ned Anderson was informed of the alleged theft in 
1986. As an ancestor of Geronimo, Anderson petitioned the Federal Bureau
Investigations to force the return of the skull. Noting that Apaches
have a 
"great fear and respect for death," Anderson said that he hoped to honor

Geronimo's express wish to be laid to rest in "Arizona acorn country."

full: http://www.yaleherald.com/article.php?Article=2523

Response Jim C: Louis is quite correct to put these two articles
side-by-side as they are very related. The Kennewick Man stuff, with
Jamie Chatters, a very minor and marginal physical anthropologist (who
is on record saying that if he were given a room full of one hundred
skulls, with only one of them from an Indian, he could spot the one
Native skull due to "uniqueness" of Native skulls) is about the same
stuff that led Skull and Bones to do some of their skull grabbing:
racist/fascist "skull science" and attempts to find the "Great White
Hope"--supposedly ancient skulls of non-Indians thus undermining Native
claims of title through discovery and original occupancy of Native

The origins of Skull and Bones go back to a Bavarian Masonic Lodge
(their special number 322 is supposed to denote the date of the death of
the Greek Orator Demosthenes but in reality denote the year 1832, the
year of the founding of S and B plus 2 for the second lodge of the
Bavarian Masonic lodge) which itself drew from occultist
Masonic/Illuminati origins, Puritan occultism/Calvinism/preordination
(same origins as the much of the theology of the Mormons via the con
artist/huckster Joseph Smith). Indeed there are many parallels between
historical and present-day rituals including the use of skulls and other
remains, content and focus of certain chants, regalia, symbolism
(including heavy use of swastikas or variations on them), structures of
hierarchies and organizations, hazing rituals, penalties and criteria
for expulsion, overlapping organizational ties (e.g. many S and B also
in the Bohemian Grove with its own occultist stuff). Etc. These origins
led to the late 1800s and were foundational in the occultist work of
Madame Helena Blavatsky, a Russian mystic, anti-Semite and whose own
work led directly to Guido van List and the Thule Society that was the
foundation of the Nazi party in Germany. Blavatsky had this theory that
every turn of the "Cosmic Wheel" was driven by the succession of 7 "root
races" with the fifth one, the "race" of light, fire, enlightment and
creation being guess what? you got it--the "Aryan Race." 

Now part of their little occult theories has to do with conquering and
harnessing the unconquered; hence the focus on grabbing the remains of
famous warriors, statesmen, etc in order to conquer and harness the
"spirit and will" of the deceased; plus the extra of "conquering"--in a
cowardly way after death--that which could never be conquered--like
Geronimo and his "spirit and will".

But there is another reason these creatures have been grabbing skulls
since their inception in 1832. The book "Skull Wars" by David Hurst
Thomas, who knows Jamie Chatters well, notes that during the 1800s and
into the early 1900s, dead Indians were decapitated routinely with their
skulls sent east to places like the American Museum of Natural History
(the center of the eugenics movement in which S and B have been heavily
involved to this day) to do their racist/fascist "skull science"
attempting to "prove" inherited inferiority, limited cranial capacities,
etc etc of the supposed "inferior races." Skull and Bones types were and
are--to this day--involved in this pseudo-scientific shit albeit today
under much more sophisticated covers of neo-Malthusianism, "genetic
engineering" (with a decided eugenics focus), planned parenthood
(started by S and B key luminaries in the U.S. from a British parent)
etc. Old Barbara Bush rattled the cages of some of the rightists with
her "pro choice" on abortion until they found out that she was "pro
choice" only because of her fixation with birthrates of non-whites
versus whites and hoped that the non-whites would exercise "the right
choice." S and B were key members in the First, Second and Third
International Eugenics Conferences that produced the first "Race Laws"
(1933) and subsequent "Race Laws" of Nazi Germany; they were
instrumental in lobbying for sterilization laws in Canada and the U.S.
(27 states wound up with sterilization laws that defined Indians,
Blacks, Gays, Epileptics and poor indigents as "feebleminded" by
definition and identity.

Plans are well underway to pay the Skull and Bones preppy scum a visit
at their little "Tomb". We plan to have only Native activists who are
well known and tested in their respective communities, setting up and
conducting "traditional ceremonies" of various nations and demanding the
return of all Native remains and demanding that Skull and Bones be
charged under NAGPRA and various laws of the State of Connecticut
dealing with possession of stolen remains of the dead.

This is nothing more than a very powerful and well connected "preppy
KKK". Even some of the rituals, symbolism, etc of the KKK have some of
the same origins (Masonic) as this preppy KKK has. Anyone running for
office who is a member should be confronted whenever possible and asked
who the fuck they think they are running for such an office yet not
willing to discuss and and all organizations of which they have been a
member, the nature of the organizations, the intentions, the rituals
etc. I have found fertile ground for planting doubts that lead to even
bigger doubts among some of the Christians--even right-wing ones--when I
get into some of the more disgusting perversions that form their
rituals. I do a kind of WWJD on them? It is surprising how their eyes
light up and they start getting very nervous.

Jim C.

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