[Marxism] Which of these terms is not like the other?

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> Glenn Erickson’s review of The War at Home perked my radar with this
> line:
> “Overnight, every activist on every issue was considered a potential
> terrorist.”
> I fear that is in the war chest of the sucks in charge now.
> Erickson continues:
> “The show clearly shows the bind in which activists found themselves -
> they were reacting to the political obscenity of war, where liars and
> knaves in high places found it easy to start and prosecute without
> punishment, wars that killed hundreds of thousands. But when attempts to
> stop war crimes and mass murder turned violent and people were hurt, the
> protesters were the ones to be demonized.”
> We should take note of the current drive to reinstitute the draft,
> specifically S. 89 and H.R. 163, a.k.a. “The Universal National Service
> Act.”  These bills are active.

That doesn't sound like such a terrible idea, although I will say that I
am 4-F and thusly was not invited to have much of an opinion the draft
maintained the armed forces as central democratic institutions (there were
lots of warm bodies around to ramp down swell heads in the security
state); and if this seems wishful, as it stands the US populace is not
invited to have much of an opinion of the activities of the military.

> What did Dylan lament about not going through these things twice?  The
> farce looms.
Well, as he was rather fond of the "sucks in charge" he was talking about
being stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again, the
then-contemporary bad feeling about the military from a cultural
perspective (that the climate created by the postwar military apparatus
was suffocating young Americans).  Really, when we're talking about
million dollar capitalist communist jokes the homophobic terms can drop
out (...)


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