[Marxism] Putin Laments Death of USSR

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 13 13:39:52 MST 2004

Russian president laments death of Soviet Union in campaign speech

Anneli Nerman, Associated Press, Thursday, February 12, 2004

MOSCOW (AP) -- President Vladimir Putin used a campaign speech Thursday
to declare [clip] “The breakup of the Soviet Union is a national tragedy
on an enormous scale,” from which “only the elites and nationalists of
the republics gained,”
[despite the above condemnation of nationalism, which MIGHT therefore
SHOULD be considered to be taken to include nationalism generally, as
opposed to internationalism, the report intones:] on Thursday, he spoke
in a much stronger tone, appearing to play to Russian nationalism.

“I think that ordinary citizens of the former Soviet Union and the
post-Soviet space gained nothing from this. On the contrary, people have
faced a huge number of problems,” he said.
 Putin said that the 1991 Soviet collapse -- which most Russians regret
-- led to few gains and many problems for ordinary citizens.

The reader may be left wondering what Russians miss most?  Or what they
hate about the current set-up?

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