[Marxism] Re.: Which of these terms is not like the other?

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 13 14:52:32 MST 2004

The deroggatory use of “sucks in charge” was not meant as “homophobic”
but as parasitical, like bloodsuckers, vampires, leeches, mosquitoes, et
hoc genus omne.  Notwithstanding, I do think I know what Jeff R means
when he opines:

“That doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea, 
the draft maintained the
armed forces as central democratic institutions (there were lots of warm
bodies around to ramp down swell heads in the security state); and if
this seems wishful, as it stands the US populace is not invited to have
much of an opinion of the activities of the military.”

That was Charlie Rangel’s declared purpose by his reintroduction of the
draft.  However, the record of George W in the Champagne Squadron
indicates that the best laid intentions of mice and men oft gang
straight to Hell.  We’re again faced with “a rich man’s war but the poor
men fight.”

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