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>> By the time we have some experience with the next administration, we
>> may be kind of nostalgic about what is beginning to shape up as the
>> paralyzed last year of the Bush administration.  The recent retreat on
>> the attack on the antiwar movement in Iowa is a further indication
>> that the administration is running out of gas in pursuing the basic
>> policies of the US rulers.
>> Fred Feldman
> Exactly why War Hero/Anti-war Vet John Kerry makes a lot of sense as
> replacement for Bush. He will have(and be given) the credibility Bush
> lacks to continue in Afghanistan/Iraq and institute a draft if it is
> deemed necessary.
> With the caveat that I expect the Republicans will pull out all the
> stops to throw mud at Kerry. Already we have photos with Jane Fonda,
> allegations of dalliances with an intern and commercials highlighting
> Kerry's ties to "special interests."

Well, ties he has through Teresa Heinz's fortune (itself tied to the
silent death machines that are Pittsburgh factories).  Otherwise, Kerrey
is a real traditional DLC "flip-lab": with respect to political positions
every bet is hedged.  If you liked Clinton, you'll like Kerry fine: if
"less warm", he's more authentic.  If you're looking for a candidate whose
"parliamentary fraction" the left can seriously, constructively engage
with my suggestion is to look elsewhere.


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