[Marxism] Cowards and imbeciles

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Feb 14 17:38:17 MST 2004

The thing I fund interesting about Malapanis' response to Riddell, and
the whole line of the 'Militant' in relation to Iraq, is that it is the
*opposite* of the organisation's attitude to the anti-Vietnam War

Indeed, while there are all kinds of problems with the politics of
existing antiwar forces, they are probably more politically advanced
than the anti-Vietnam War forces were in the first years of that
movement in the mid-1960s.

So there seems to be a real effort to rewrite history.  To make out that
the new, Barnes position is the position that the organisation, and
Marxists generally, have always taken.

This rewriting of history is no doubt rather difficult for some longtime
pro-US SWP people to take.  A few weeks back they had to deal with Brian
Lyons, a longtime loyalist in Britain; now with John Riddell. And there
have been others.  Fred Feldman, now thankfully having departed the
group, being probably the best example of the recent layer of members
reluctant to reject the traditional Marxist position of supporting
oppressed nations, regardless of the nature of their leaderships,
against imperialist attack.

One wonders if members are now allowed to read thing like Lenin's
'Socialism and War'.

Philip Ferguson


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