[Marxism] Bhagwati's defense of Mankiw

eatonak at simons-rock.edu eatonak at simons-rock.edu
Sun Feb 15 09:57:44 MST 2004

Any reaction to the following op-ed defense of Mankiw by Bhagwati.  I
observe two flaws:

1) a complete misunderstanding of competition; Bhagwati attacks Kerry
because, Bhagwati thinks, Kerry is unable to see the connection between
outsourcing of jobs and the "improve[ment of] the competitiveness of
American companies."  And then he goes and says this: "jobs disappear in
America ...because technical change has destroyed them, not because they
have gone anywhere"  as if this technical change a God-given or
conspiratorial phenomenon rather than the very imposition of "improved" (I
would say, intensified) global competition.

2) a racist blindfoldedness and arrogance in his unsolicited advice to
Craig Barrett, chief executive of Intel; I would argue that Barrett's
perception has a quality of superior understanding and realism of a
functioning capitalist regarding the high quality of researchers in the

Ahmet Tonak

February 15, 2004
Why Your Job Isn't Moving to Bangalore

Greg Mankiw, head of President Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, has
been widely criticized for telling reporters the simple truth that
"outsourcing" of jobs is beneficial to the United States economy (even
though he hedged his comment with a "perhaps"). John Kerry, the
presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, described executives who
import services

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