[Marxism] Bhagwati's defense of Mankiw

eatonak at simons-rock.edu eatonak at simons-rock.edu
Sun Feb 15 10:00:39 MST 2004

Here is the link for Bhagwati piece:


> Any reaction to the following op-ed defense of Mankiw by Bhagwati.  I
> observe two flaws:
> 1) a complete misunderstanding of competition; Bhagwati attacks Kerry
> because, Bhagwati thinks, Kerry is unable to see the connection between
> outsourcing of jobs and the "improve[ment of] the competitiveness of
> American companies."  And then he goes and says this: "jobs disappear in
> America ...because technical change has destroyed them, not because they
> have gone anywhere"  as if this technical change a God-given or
> conspiratorial phenomenon rather than the very imposition of "improved" (I
> would say, intensified) global competition.
> 2) a racist blindfoldedness and arrogance in his unsolicited advice to
> Craig Barrett, chief executive of Intel; I would argue that Barrett's
> perception has a quality of superior understanding and realism of a
> functioning capitalist regarding the high quality of researchers in the
> South.
> Ahmet Tonak
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> February 15, 2004
> Why Your Job Isn't Moving to Bangalore
> Greg Mankiw, head of President Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, has
> been widely criticized for telling reporters the simple truth that
> "outsourcing" of jobs is beneficial to the United States economy (even
> though he hedged his comment with a "perhaps"). John Kerry, the
> presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, described executives who
> import services

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