Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 15 10:52:54 MST 2004

yeah, Matthew, I always wonder what wonderfully successful examples of
democracy and social justice the US can point to in the Caribbean Basin
that prove their way's the best way?  Just go clockwise around the
region from the island of Hispaniola back around to Mexico, and compare
and contrast quality of life indicators, the relative gaps between the
wealthiest and poorest, distribution of national wealth, ownership of
land by wealth quintiles, drugs, crime rates, unemployment, etc.  Then
it becomes clear that the interventions of the United States act in the
better interests of the better off and against the masses.

Recently an anti-Castro Republican wrote me that it was best to have the
rich rule, because they knew how.  Pretty convincing, huh?   I mean:

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