[Marxism] Aborigines fight police in Redfern (Sydney)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Feb 15 14:55:01 MST 2004

>From ABC news. Full article at:
Fifty police injured in Redfern riot

Calm has returned to the inner Sydney streets of Redfern after a night of
rioting during which more than 50 police were injured. Four people were
taken into custody after anger erupted at the death of 17-year-old
Aborigine Thomas Hickey, who was impaled through the neck on a fence on
Saturday morning.

Police used high-powered water hoses to break up a big crowd of people who
had pelted police with rocks, bricks and bottles, and set fires during the
lengthy riot. The Redfern railway station was set on fire during the riot
but has re-opened this morning.

 Mr Waites says the riot began after the death of Mr Hickey, who was
impaled on a fence in the area on Saturday
 The misinformation was that
they were under the belief that the police were actually involved in a
pursuit where an Aboriginal youth was killed and that wasn't true," he

The teenager's mother, Gail Hickey, yesterday said police caused her son's
death. "I don't believe the police, I don't care what they say, I don't
believe them," she said. "They did chase him at that time.

 Donna says people are angry because they believe police are responsible
for the teenager's death. He was murdered," she said. "We've been down to
look at the spot and everything and there's no sign, they cleaned it up
that quick."

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