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Sun Feb 15 15:19:01 MST 2004

On the one hand, the South African government forbids the participation of
South Africans as foreign mercenaries:

"In 1998 government instituted the Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance
Act which prohibits South Africans from direct participation as combatants
in armed conflict for private gain and we want to discuss ways of making
sure this act is enforced," said Anti-War Coalition spokesperson Na'eem
Jeenah. He said the coalition was extremely concerned to learn that more
than 1 500 South Africans were working in Iraq." (Feb 5, 2004).

On the other hand, same newspaper (Feb 15, 2004):

"Johannesburg - The exodus of South African security personnel to Iraq is
expected to increase in future. Johann Smith, an independent risk analyst of
Pretoria, says it would be very difficult to keep South Africans out of
"Foreign Affairs Ronnie Mamoepe recently confirmed that Iraq was regarded as
a country of conflict and that South Africans who worked there could be
prosecuted according tot the Law on foreign military aid. Boshoff says it
would be difficult to prove that South Africans are doing military duty.
Most of them are involved in the rebuilding of the interim government. He
said it would be difficult to prosecute South Africans working in Iraq.
"They would have to be brought here to testify. South African police have no
jurisdiction in Iraq."

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--from Brian Shannon

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