[Marxism] Nader to Bypass DillyDallying Greens?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 02:15:04 MST 2004

Whether "the Greens were jerks to hang their hopes on a liberal like Nader" 
(a phrase I never used, though it is being attributed to me by Mark), or 
not, in the year 2000 is rather mute at this time.    The fact is, that the 
Green Party did tie itself to Nader at that time, and most of the public 
identifies the Greens still with this somewhat opportunistic and once 
symbiotic relationship.

So why did Nader and The Green Party have their falling out, Mark, since you 
seem to disagree with my analysis of the event so much?   Orient me, please, 
instead of just slapping mindless insults around endlessly.    Have you no 
opinion of your own that you care to share with us about this maneuvering?   
Why must you be prodded into making it then?

My feeling is simply that the Green Party leadership and Nader have a 
disagreement about how best to put a Democrat into office, and how best to 
have influence with that Democrat if their varying strategies are effective. 
    It sure gets tiresome having to spend most of my posts dealing with 
idiotic flaming like Mark's post.    Evidently Mark disagrees with Nader's 
point that the Green Party was dilly dlalying around by holding its 
convention in June.     I'd like to hear why you disagree with this stated 
opinion of Nader?   I don't.

Tony Abdo

<Before the Greens were jerks for hanging their hopes on a liberal like
Nader.  Now Nader is praiseworthy for bypassing the dilly-dallying

It is just amazing to see someone flank himself and, having taken
himself unawares, press his advantage until he has chased his own tail
into spiraling depths of disorientation.>

Mark L.

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