[Marxism] Re: The hijab controversy

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Mon Feb 16 07:58:38 MST 2004

Paul Flewers writes>>Socialists should combine the defence of the right of a Muslim woman
to wear a veil (or a Jewish man to wear a yarmulke, or a Christian to wear a cross), if
that person wishes, with a firm commitment to a secular society, that religion is a
private matter, and that education is secular. This involves the abolition of religious
schools and their resources being brought into the state educational system.<<

To which José Pérez replies, with his usual hyperbole:

>>This is an utterly undemocratic and *outrageously* anti Marxist position, drawn from
exactly the same French bourgeois anticlericalist traditions that are being used to
justify the ban on the veil. <<

Excuse me? The quotation from Marx's critique of the Gotha Program that José cites says,
inter alia:

"Government and church should rather be equally excluded from any influence on the

How does that differ from what Paul Flewers said, and said very well, IMHO?


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