[Marxism] Re: The hijab controversy

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Mon Feb 16 09:08:07 MST 2004

Richard Fidler asked:

> How does that differ from what Paul Flewers said?

Paul Flewers:

"This involves the abolition of religious schools and their resources 
being brought into the state educational system."

Karl Marx:
"Government and church should rather be equally excluded from any 
influence on the school."

Paul advocates the subordination of schools under the state, where as Marx 
demands its exclusion from the educational system. The difference is 
obvious to me. Marx sees state and church as equally bad influences on 
education, while Paul prefers the state over the church.

Karl Marx was quite consistent in seeing both church and state influence 
as equally negative. With regard to the Paris Commune he wrote in the "The 
Civil War in France"
"The whole of the educational institutions were opened to the people 
gratuitously, and at the same time cleared of all interference of church 
and state. Thus, not only was education made accessible to all, but 
science itself freed from the fetters which class prejudice and 
governmental force had imposed upon it."

Friedrich Engels was even in favour of tolerance for religious schools. In 
1891 he wrote
Zur Kritik des sozialdemokratischen Programmentwurfs 1891, MEW 22, S. 237

"Vollständige Trennung von Kirche und Staat. Alle religiösen 
Gemeinschaften ohne Ausnahme werden vom Staat als Privatgenossenschaften 
behandelt. Sie verlieren jede Unterstützung aus öffentlichen Mitteln und 
jeden Einnuß auf die öffentlichen Schulen. (Man kann ihnen doch nicht 
verbieten, eigne Schulen aus eignen Mitteln zu gründen und dort ihren 
Blödsinn zu lehren.)"

"You cannot bar the churches from founding schools out of their own monet 
and teaching their non-sense there" (My translation, JS)


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