[Marxism] Re: Bhagwati's defense of Mankiw

Mine Doyran mine.doyran at verizon.net
Mon Feb 16 10:00:49 MST 2004

Julio said:

> I have sat in Bhagwati's classes and believe he is honest.

The point is "not" that Bhagwati is racist or dishonest. The point is that
he is a free market ideolog "blind" to the consequences of globalization for
third world workers. No where in Bhagwati you will find references to basic
social justice concepts: workers, exploitation, labor rights, unions,
etc..In fact, he strongly opposes unions and living wage in developing
countries, since they stand on the way of foreign direct investment (through
their impact on the "market" price of labor). His myth of free trade is the
same as sweatshops capitalism-- H& M/GAP exploiting cheap labor. That is
that simple.

Further, this man does not hesitate to ally with the establishment if
necessary. I remember a case where he complained about sweatshop protestors
to Columbia University.Wasn't he engaged in some kind of petition against
Columbia students?

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