[Marxism] Re: The hijab controversy

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 16 21:42:22 MST 2004

Richard Fidler writes:
>>As to the churches funding their own religious schools, I think our
concern should be to protect the right of every child to attend secular
schools. This can only be done by making public school attendance
compulsory. If the churches wish to organize classes or schools in
evenings or on weekends, so be it, but any such schools should not be a
substitute for public, secular (non-denominational) education.<<

I vehemently disagree with Richard Fidler when he puts defense of the
right of children to a scientific education on a religious ("secular")
and "public school" axis.

To go no further, concretely, for me, in Georgia, in 2004, as a parent,
I would argue violently  against his proposal. 

What Fidler advocates is denying me as a parent my right to send my son
and daughter to the RELIGIOUS Friends School of Atlanta where they are
becoming acquainted with Darwin, evolution, introductory concepts of
astronomy and cosmology, geology, plate tectonics and so on, not to
mention Martin Luther King and at least some inkling of the real history
of this country and the struggles working and oppressed peoples have had
to wage to get even as far as we are today.

Instead, I would be compelled by a law of this racist, know-nothing
bourgeois state of Georgia to send my daughter to a state school to be
subjected to a state-dictated curriculum drawn up by Democrat and
Republican yahoos pandering to the religious right that even want to
prohibit the use of the *word* "evolution" in school, don't want the Big
Bang mentioned, are totally uninterested in current, exciting scientific
exploration (such as the recent satellite instrument measurements of the
cosmic background radiation that have allowed a much more precise
estimate of the age of the universe) and consider suspect even things
like plate tectonics.

People can argue until they're blue in the face that this is an
"individual solution" and that we need to struggle for "quality
education" in public schools and all the rest of it. But my daughter is
only going to do the 8th grade once, this is the year she's doing it,
and she's not going to do it at one of public schools my benighted
ruling class runs if I can help it -- and I can.


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