[Marxism] Re: SWP and antiwar struggle (was: Cowards, Scoundrels and Complete Imbeciles")

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Mon Feb 16 22:08:33 MST 2004

Fred earlier pointed out that the demand for unconditional withdrawal is not
the same as the demand for IMMEDIATE withdrawal. The Militant underscored
this in the Feb 9 issue in an editorial in which the following sentence

>Revolutionists need to take full advantage of this opportunity by pressing
to use any civic space that exists to work towards building proletarian
parties that can eventually lead working people in Iraq and other countries
in the Middle East and Central Asia to get rid of the bloody boot of the
U.S. occupiers—and the United Nations too.<

This speaks for itself. The twisted syntax ought to be enough to alert
anyone that a curve ball is on the way to the plate. So much for immediate

David McDonald

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