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Sorry, you're right, I did miss that comment. The issue up here has been
against public funding for religious schools -- there was a big internal
fight in the NDP over state support of the Catholic school system some
years back -- but not over their abolition, which of course would
require a much more generalized and thoroughgoing repudiation of
religious belief than exists in society right now.

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> Marvin Gandall wrote:
> >
> > Johannes also says that "Friedrich Engels was even in favour of
> > tolerance for religious schools. In
> > 1891 he wrote...'You cannot bar the churches from founding schools
> > of their own money and teaching their non-sense there" (My
> > JS)'.
> >
> > This isn't in dispute. I don't think anyone is proposing the
> > closure of religious schools
> Paul wrote:
> "education is secular. This involves the abolition of religious
> I know Paul can speak for himself, but do I misunderstand him when I
> he proposes the closure of religious schools?
> Engels might have been wrong or today the question of religious
> needs another answer, but I think it is wrong to see an agreement,
> there is in fact some disagreement in the immediate demands to raise.
> Johannes
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