[Marxism] Shia leader speaks to Mothers Against War in Canada

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To all concerned, Vicki Monk, the MFSO Mom Fred is talking about, will be
speaking at the Stan Goff Tour meeting in Seattle, Saturday night, Feb 21,
at New Hope Baptist Church, 124 21st Avenue, 7pm. Goff will be introduced by
Alexander Cockburn. Should be a night to remember.

David McDonald

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Subject: [Marxism] Shia leader speaks to Mothers Against War in Canada

The following letter, posted to lists by its recipient, describes the
appearance of a major Iraqi Shia leader at a conference of Mothers
Against War in Canada.  The letter was written by a member of the U.S.
organization Military Families Speak Out.

The appearance of a Shia leader and his comments at the conference is
itself an important and positive development, showing a will to reach
out to both the people of the United States (and of course Canada) and
the troops.

Just as an aside, I think this helps counter a weakness of Tariq Ali's
useful-as-always recent comments.  Vis a vis the Shia leaders, I think
he tends to accept a rather broad and potentially divisive definition of
"collaboration," apparently put forward by SOME in the "armed"
resistance, which currently has relatively low-key support among the
Shia people (quite broad for actions against the occupation forces, less
enthusiastic about or opposed to some of the others).
Fred Feldman

Subject: [ufpj-iraq] Fw: [MilitaryFamiliesSpeakOut] Mothers Against War
conference in Victoria BC Canada

 This is from a member of MFSO, posted today.


Subject: [MilitaryFamiliesSpeakOut] Mothers Against War conference in
Victoria BC Canada

Dear Military Familes and Friends,

On Saturday I traveled to Victoria BC Canada where I was featured as a

speaker for a Mother's Against War conference.

I was able to attend some other conferences throughout the day, where I

listened to speakers on labor, human rights, and war issues from around

world.   I discovered that Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite cleric from Iraq,

attending and speaking at the conference.  I was curious and I listened

his message carefully; he spoke on the importance of a free democratic

government elected by popular vote in Iraq and their hopes this would be

occurring in June as promised.

I approached him after his talk and introduced myself, he was interested

speaking with me privately because I told him I was an anti-war activist

my son was a soldier in Iraq.   We chatted for several minutes and he

impressed upon me how important it is that "the Americans must go home".

asked me to bring his message to the people of the United States and I

him I would deliver it.

He told me, "We are a patient people but our patience is not long", and

told me again that "the Americans must go home".

His interpreter showed me pictures of a huge demonstration of 100,000 in

Iraq last month, where the people are calling for free elections.   He

showed me pictures of the Shia and Shiite [given the context, I suspect
she meant to say "Sunni" --FF] clerics working together with

unity.  He told me there is no civil war but there is a growing unity

between the factions against the "American Imperialist Occupiers".  This

what they call the coalition forces in Iraq today.

I do not advocate violence of any sort and I told the Iraqi's I spoke

at the conference that I only support a peaceful resolution to their

I also feel strongly that we, the American people and especially those
of us

with loved ones in Iraq, deserve to know the truth about what is really

happening there.  So, this is all that I learned about it in Victoria,
and I

offer this information to you without judgment or endorsement.

In Peace,


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