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Is it reasonable to ask how "A better world is possible"? ie what are the 
steps to it, from the perspective of the Communist Party USA?

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>People's Weekly World Newspaper, 02/12/04 12:34
>A better world is possible: The struggle for socialism and democracy
>Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair, Communist Party USA
>The best hopes and dreams of the U.S. people do not lie with U.S. big 
>corporations or the extreme right-wing movements they sponsor. In fact, 
>the ultimate interest of the majority of our people is in a more 
>democratic, a more egalitarian, and a more peaceful USA.
>While only a minority today supports the idea of a socialist USA, and many 
>of them are skeptical and cynical after 1991, it is our firm belief that 
>socialism is still the best way to fulfill their democratic aspirations.
>Therefore, I want to make it clear from the outset: the Communist Party 
>USA is solidly committed to the goal of a socialist USA. We firmly believe 
>that a socialist USA is not only possible but, most importantly, it is 
>necessary and achievable.
>Having said that, let me quickly add that while we continue to learn much 
>from 1917 Russia, 1945 China and 1959 Cuba, we are dealing with 21st 
>century U.S. and global capitalism. The situation is much more 
>fast-moving, and in many ways it is much more complex and challenging. The 
>revolutionary process in our country has its own unique characteristics. 
>And while U.S. socialism will have much in common with other socialisms, 
>it will create its own model that will have many unique features.
>The main struggle confronting the progressive forces in the U.S. and all 
>of humanity really is the struggle to defeat Bush and his vast ultra-right 
>conspiracy. That is what is mainly occupying our efforts at this time.
>We would be remiss if we didn't mention this. Tens of millions in our 
>country are now in motion to achieve a great victory for all of humankind 
>by defeating George W. Bush and his "Republican Guards" at the polls on 
>the Nov. 2, 2004.
>As we see it, to win this great struggle means we must defeat Bush and 
>Bushism. This will set the stage for a broader struggle for our people's 
>needs, for global peace and justice. We say that the best way for our 
>people to bring an end to the war in Iraq, and to advance the struggle for 
>peace and justice, is to defeat Bush and the Republicans in the U.S. 
>Congress. That is our priority.
>full: http://www.pww.org/article/articleview/4780/1/202
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