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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 17 16:25:41 MST 2004

>I know I sure think it would be a good thing to have
>Bush defeated. That doesn't mean I'm endorsing any
>of the Democrats, just saying that defeating Bush
>would be a good think. I don't know why people are
>so negative about the idea that the thief who stole
>the presidency should be defeated in the upcoming
>Walter Lippmann

Throughout the years leading up to the civil war, there were national 
elections that pitted the Democrats against the Whigs. Both parties were 
based on slavery. Radical abolitionists regarded both parties as 
illegitimate because they defended private property in human beings. While 
there was very little in the way of a movement that defended indigenous 
rights, both parties also defended the extermination of the Indian and the 
theft of his land. I suppose that in any given year a Whig was preferable 
to a Democrat or vice versa. I think that we have to think of our role as 
new abolitionists, directed toward the elimination of wage slavery. If we 
say that it is okay to vote for a party that rests on the capitalist 
system, we are forsaking our historical mission if I can be so grandiose 
just for the moment. In any case, I don't think that the argument is 
whether Kerry is "better" than Bush--even if only marginally so. The real 
argument is within the left about the role of the Democratic Party. I 
believe that it is necessary to take a clear class stand and state that 
working people should not vote for a Democrat or a Republican, just like 
Malcolm X and Eugene V. Debs did.

Louis Proyect
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