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Green Left Weekly, issue #571, February 18, 2004

Is Howard on the ropes?

Since winning leadership of the federal ALP, Mark Latham has been
branded by the corporate media as the leader with vision who has rattled
Prime Minister John Howard. Green Left Weekly spoke to a range of
unionists, movement activists and political figures, including members
of the Labor Party and the Socialist Alliance, about Latham's chances of
defeating Howard. One thing was unanimous: the desire to kick Howard out
of office. [Full story]


Naomi Klein: Iraq needs genuine democracy


If you believe the White House, Iraq's future government is being
designed in Iraq. If you believe the Iraqi people, it is being designed
at the White House. Technically, neither is true: Iraq's future
government is being engineered in an anonymous research park in suburban
North Carolina.

[Full story] <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p24.htm>


Tariq Ali speaks on
empire & resistance

Hear the radical author of Clash of Fundamentalisms & Bush in Babylon.
Sun Mar 14, 6pm. Clancy Auditorium, Uni of NSW. $20/$10. Organised by
Green Left Weekly. Bookings essential. Ph 9690 1977.


International News

# Naomi Klein: Iraq needs genuine democracy
# QUEBEC: Occupying Alcan: workers? control in Quebec
# UNITED STATES: Kevin Cooper saved from execution
# UNITED STATES: Military spending to hit $482bn next year
# BRITAIN: New Labour expels founding union
# FRANCE: Headscarf ban fuels racism, Islamophobia
# VIETNAM: Agent Orange victims sue US chemical companies
# PALESTINE: The end of the two-state solution?
# INDONESIA: Supreme Court clears embezzler Tanjung
# UNITED STATES: Religious right?s ?condom wars? take deadly toll
# SOUTH AFRICA: Government backtracks on AIDS treatment promise
# PAKISTAN: How Washington helped create a nuclear ?rogue state?
# IRAQ: War makers? WMD cover-up continues
# IRAQ: Children?s health deteriorating
# SCOTLAND: Gulf veteran wins DU claim

Regular features

# Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
# Loose cannons <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p05c.htm>

Australian News

# Students to protest war on March 20
# Timor Sea justice campaign launched
# Support for train drivers
# Socialist candidates: ?Roll back privatisation!?
# = NSW postal workers strike to defend jobs
# Iraq discussed <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p05d.htm>
# Public servants reject 3% wage-rise cap
# Police charge alleged bashing victim
# News Briefs <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p06c.htm>
# Women workers win landmark deal at Sydney Uni
# Socialists to stand for Leichhardt Council
# UC endorses Nelson Review fee hikes

Comment and Analysis

# Is Howard on the ropes?
# A woman?s place is in the struggle: Women?s bodies are not ?obscene? ?
sexism is <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p8b.htm>
# The war is not over <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p9.htm>
# Medical negligence: coping with system failures
# RAR sets campaign course for 2004
# Behind the NSW rail crisis
# WA workers? comp ?worst in Australia?
# EDITORIAL: Free trade deal a bad idea
# Greens do well, One Nation badly in Queensland poll
# Flying the red flag 
# Our common cause: People?s power

Cultural Dissent

# A tale of two Australias
# A Cruise through Japan?s political past
# Doco exposes the human impact of deportation
# On the box <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/571/571p22c.htm>


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