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Fourthly, when, from the beginning of this "Republic", built on slavery,
genocide, theft, fraud, deceit, racism and hubris, have Natives ever
been any kind of "Americans" or part of "America" or had access to any
of the rights and promises embodied in the U.S. Constiution? Would
someone call an Irish person a "Native Brit"? This is what it feels like
for many Natives. The entity or nation called "America" is for many of
us nothing but an occupying and genocidal power bent on our
extermination as Peoples and nations--partly, not exclusively, through
forced assimilation and redefinition. 


Within the Marxist movement - in history, the term national minority has a 
specfic meaning that clarify a political relationship. One is not compelled to 
accept Marxist or communist descriptions. The description or definition is so 
that we make ourselves clear to one another. The Irish in Britain is not a 
"Native Brit" or sit in the same relationship as the various Indian people, 
nations, bands, groups and or communities. The Irish is a national minority in the 
context of which you speak. 

In America this same Irish is a minority. National minority implies that one 
has left their nation and relocated to the area within the imperial center 
that holds them in their non-  sovereign status. 

Marxism and the National Question has never faired well within the American 
Union. America is not a nation but rather a multinational states compsoed of 
various historically evolved peoples This multinational state is securely in the 
hands of the Anglo-American bourgeoisie - not simply white people as an 
abstraction. The Anglo-American people are an oppressing people. Various Indian 
peoples reside within the jurisdiction of the state of the United States of North 

Various peoples who define themselves as the children of Atzlan reside within 
the jurisdiction of the state of the United States of North America, as well 
as the African American peoples, the Aluetian, Alaskan Eskimo, etc. 

How the intellectual corps, of a non sovereign peoples define themselves 
contains its own validity. The reaa question is power and authority. and property 
- at least for communists. 

White chauvanism has been and remains the fundamental deviation within 
Marxism on the national factor in American history. The Anglo American people know 
they are Anglo American. They know they are not white Russians and this can be 
proven in every aspect of their literature. What ever gives rises to this 
consciousness is called national character as a material factor. Imperialism - not 
simply capitalism or bourgeois property, brings together and disperses 
nations and peoples. Hence national character is increasing in flux and the current 
technological regime increasing the amalgamation and merging of the various 
national attributes historically evolved people. 

Melvin P. 

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