[Marxism] Guardian: Monbiot quits the Respect coalition

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Feb 17 19:49:19 MST 2004

As I understand it, Respect has now failed to secure the backing of key
Muslims, the Morning Star, and now Monbiot. That would seem to leave the
SWP and Galloway? - TO'L


Monbiot quits Respect over threat to Greens 

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent
Tuesday February 17, 2004 

The new anti-war coalition, Respect, suffered a crippling blow today as
cofounder George Monbiot resigned over its decision to field candidates
against the Greens.

Respect - the Unity coalition, whose figurehead is the expelled Labour MP
George Galloway, revealed last week that a potential pact with the Green
party had fallen through, meaning the two groups would be competing for the
radical vote at this June's London, local and European elections.

In a letter to Respect, Mr Monbiot says he cannot belong to a group, which
now threatens to take the seats of "two of the best elected representatives
in Britain: [Green MEPs] Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert". 

The resignation will be a blow for the "Unity coalition", which has now
failed to attract the backing of both the Greens and the Communist party of
Great Britain. 

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