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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 13:49:19 +1100
From: "Tom O'Lincoln" <suarsos at alphalink.com.au>
Subject: [Marxism] Guardian: Monbiot quits the Respect

As I understand it, Respect has now failed to secure
the backing of key Muslims, the Morning Star, and now
Monbiot. That would seem to leave the SWP and
Galloway? - TO'L

As i understand thngs the failure of Respect the Unity
Coalition is actually somewhat worse than Tom
represents it. The RUC does have support from some
Islamic forces but not those forces which socialists
might consider progressive.

The RUC is supported by the Muslim Parliament a
largely moribund undemocratic body consisting of a
tiny clique with no activity of its own. It remains in
existence as the media finds it a useful resource for
somewhat silly quotes. The Muslim Association of
britiain, the local emanation of the Muslim
Brotherhood supports the RUC from without its ranks.
However the MAB is not activist based and contrary to
myth only has a tiny handful of activists. 

Representatives of Brum Central Mosque also back the
RUC. Brum Central Mosque was prominent in providing
free transport to various anti-war demos last year and
supported the Stop the War Coalition in the split Brum
anti-war movement. Linked to this Mosque there is also
the City of London based City Circle charity which is
run by Salma Yaqoobs brother a leading financial
figure in Britain and the Gulf. City Circle has hosted
meetings for Galloway and both Rees and German of the

Within the anti-war movement as a whole the RUC has
failed dismally. Not only has Monbiot quit but no one
else has been won to it's support. An attepted hookup
with John Marek the Welsh Assembly members tiny
Wrexham based backward Wales party has probably failed
if rumours are true. Plaid Cymru too has rejected the
RUC on the basis of it's, or rather Galloways, British
nationalism. And the very petty bourgeois Green Party
want nothing to do with the RUC but condemn it's
manifesto for plagiarism and rightly so.

Meanwhile in the workers movement, or near it, only
Mark Serwotka of the PCS has joined the RUC. Any other
trades unionists involved with the RUC are either SWP
members or close allies like Nick Wrack. And none have
managed to convince even a single unin body to endorse
the RUC. Rather idiotically a 'Convention of the Trade
Union Left' called by the Socialist Allaince recently
was unable to actually agree on any common action and
confined itself to debating the Labour-Union financial

The Socialist Alliance itself is in freefall with
branches being mothballed by the SWP majority except
where the tiny Democratic Platform exists. And
sections of the DP are likely to leave the SA in the
near future in any case over the issue of the RUC to
which they are oppposed.

The RUC, despite having flopped as a living organism,
may however actually succeed in electoral terms. This
as turnout for Euro elections is low and falling.
Therefore as long as enough bodies can be mobilised to
vote the return of Galloway for a Euro seat is
actually possible. And ironically this might be
achieved by the media campaigning against Galloway
thereby renewing his appeal to the less active layers
of the anti-war movement. Not by coincidence this
Pyrrhic victory would endanger the return of the Green
Party's own anti-war MEP's.

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