[Marxism] RE: Immigration Control

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Wed Feb 18 06:56:05 MST 2004

Calvin Broadbent asks:

>> What marxist or socialist arguments are best to use in opposing these
immigration controls? <<

I posted an item to the list some time ago on this question:

As socialists, one of our major tasks is to show how the theoretical
position (open borders in this case) is in fact quite realistic and
feasible once it is considered dialectically, i.e. in all its
ramifications. I think this is demonstrated quite well by, for example,
Teresa Hayter in her recent book Open Borders: The Case Against
Immigration Controls (Pluto Press, 2000), excerpts from the last chapter
of which I scanned the other day in response to Lou's question on
immigration policy, then forgot to post to the list.

Hayter's argument is a bit diffuse. As an activist in the defence of
immigrants in England, she is used to casting her argument in terms that
will convince the authorities it is in their interest to adopt more
liberal immigration policies. But as a Marxist, she understands the
principle of free movement of labour, and how immigration restrictions
are used to feed racism and competition among workers. Anyway, here are
some excerpts from her final chapter (at pp. 149-160).

full at:

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