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Part Four; African American Liberation and Social Revolution 
Nevertheless, this phenomenon called tribe is not the case with the African 
American people. They are a new people that were formed by the pressure of the 
During this time frame – as the 1960s passed into the 1970s, many documents 
were written concerning the African American Question. What expressed the new 
polarity most sharp was the reprinting of Harry Haywood’s “Negro Liberation” 
and Perry’s “Negro National Colonial Question.” That is to say the latter 
publication expressed the political separation of the foremost thinkers of the 
proletarian masses – in motion, from the black radical petty bourgeoisie. 
The evolution of the African American people was first as a class of slaves 
from a mass of colored folks to a people. This process has crossed over and is 
further developing. Today the African American people are losing their “
people-ness.” Many Chicano writers over the years have correctly described an 
enormous section of the African American people as Black Anglos. This description is 
not an insult but an accurate description of chemical fusion. The children of 
Atzlan are also in motion and undergoing fusion. The bronzing of America is a 
historical process and drives us towards a more perfect Union. 
That is to say “they” – the American Union, have entered the beginning of 
the beginning of the dissolution of the national factor or their “people-ness.” 
So have the Anglo-American people. It is not a question of color but the 
logic of the imperial consolidation and then dispersal of peoples and nations. 
This dispersal is taking place under conditions of the opening destruction of the 
commodity form. This leads directly to the basis of the fourth element. 
The fourth and final element is the most elementary and constitutes the 
foundation of an indigenous American Marxism.  When fundamental things change, 
everything dependent upon them must in turn change. Not all at one time, nor does 
this imply that change is direct or immediate. What has changed is the 
configuration of the material power of production or what Marx calls the quiet 
changes in the mode of production. What changes in the mode of production is the 
technological regime. Today no one argues that we are leaving industrial society. 
This was not the case very long ago or when a section of communist in America 
rejected the concept “underclass” and reformulated this as the communist 
The injection into the production and communications of electronics – 
computers, advanced robotics and digitalized processes, creates a new era of 
globalization – world interactivity, and restructures the world commodity and labor 
Stated another way: the black masses are not the petty bourgeois mass their 
were before, during and immediately after the Second world imperial war. The 
old slogan, “black and white unite and fight” was a militant attempt to unite 
different classes. What were in fact the proletariat and the petty bourgeois 
producer on the land. Here one would do well to read and grasp the logic of 
Stalin’s “Concerning the question of the Proletariat and the Peasantry.” 
The cardinal sin of the radical petty bourgeoisie of the last period is the 
designation of the African American Question as a racial question and not a 
modern national colonial question with all its implications for social revolution 
and the overthrow of the power of bourgeois property. 
In history the African American Question could not be separated from the 
question of the framework evolution of the American Union and the plantation 
South. The reason is that was the area of their fundamental concentration. Nations 
are products of history and as such something in history has to undergo 
fundamental change to compel society – a nation, to leap to a different economic and 
political formation. Marxism and the National Question – only one of several 
monumental achievements of Stalin and Soviet Power has stood the test of time. 
Something in history has in fact begun reformulation. The technological 
regime is undergoing revolution and the nation - not necessarily the multi-national 
state structures (both are not identical) are being shattered on the basis of 
the restructuring of the commodity and labor market. 
The national colonial question in America has not simply merged with the 
question of proletariat revolution and the overthrow of capital. This 
reformulation belongs to a period of the past and was the political conclusion of the 
October Revolution. This political conclusion is the revolutionary heart or one of 
the chambers in the heart of Leninism. Stalin’s “Foundations of Leninism” 
correctly formulated this back in 1924. 
The question is no longer posed as the strategy of fighting in the rear or 
winning the middle strata of imperialism over to the cause of the proletariat. 
The national factor is no longer a question of alliance. An alliance means a 
political relationship between classes. “Black and white unite and fight” meant 
a political alliance. 
The African American Question is posed today as a question of communist 
revolution in the most imperial of all imperial centers. A new political reality 
exists. There no longer exists a black community but rather residential areas 
housing African Americans. The “black community” is a historical designation 
describing a community where all classes are housed together on the basis of 
segregation. No where in America does the black bourgeoisie and the black 
proletarians live together in the same neighborhood.  
They era of the black leader has ended and his days are drawing to an end. 
There will all ways be leaders who are African American, but this is not the 
historical meaning of “the black leader.” Stated another way the passivity 
(historic bribery) of the working class that produced a political alignment where 
the white revolutionaries were more or less isolated from the organizational 
forms and structures of the black masses is grounding to an end. Not everywhere 
and all at the same time. A new line of march has opened. 
Those revolutionaries able to make a leap in their political conceptions – in 
their insurgent strategy and tactics, will do very well. The 
national-colonial question has given way to the national factor. The communist class has 
arisen and for reasons of history it is overwhelmingly black in America. The 
national factor cannot be ignored nor can it be understood as a demand for self 
determination. The demand for self determination belongs to an expired period of 
history. Self determination in the past was expressed as the slaying of Jim 
Crow and the right to live as equal members in American society. Self 
determination is not reducible to political separation or the bourgeois concept of 
Rather demands for self determination have and are emerging as a direct 
question of the overthrow of the power of capital. In the last period the demand 
for self determination lead to the political reform of the state and social 
institutions. Jim Crow is dead. There still exist ideological “racists” but Jim 
Crow is dead. 
The bourgeoisie as property relations has hit the wall of history. Society 
leaps to a new economic and political basis or perish. 
Black History Month 2004 – “they” had to give a nigga a month as 
appeasement, is a time of rejection of American history as told by the ideologists. Our 
history is understood solely from the political standpoint of the most 
oppressed and exploited sector of the laboring masses and the evolution of the 
commodity form. 
The International situation is dangerous. China continues to alter things in 
our favor. On a planetary scale the national factor is entering its final 
resolution. .Communists are political people and try to miss nothing in the 
environment. The people of China have never had any political antagonism with the 
African American people or the children of Atzlan. The African American people 
have been the most militant supporters of the revolution in China within the 
American Union. We unconditionally support revolution and conditionally support 
China’s new production capacity and computer industry opens new avenues. 
Communist will not longer have to rely upon the various channel within our 
bourgeois state in the American Union. 
Our greatest benefactor and friend – Soviet Power and Comrade Stalin are lost 
to history. 
Unlike the Indian,  the black and bronze cannot be isolated. Rather what 
happens is that we assimilate all cultures and people. That is the meaning of 
being a new people. Here is the word. China is finally open to us. Our dissolution 
is our victory. The process is historic.  
Donkeys do not become eagle. Stalin was an eagle. Mice become the eyes of the 
eagle. The African American people are not mice. They are a new people on 
earth. The black elite is powerful enough to wage international combat with the 
reactionary ideologists of the Anglo American bourgeoisie. Within this 
ideological conflict the communist insurgent cannot – not, maintain the line of march. 
Their social position is intractable. 
Melvin P. 

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