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MLause at cinci.rr.com writes:
White chauvinism, eh?  You slander me based on playing with the
definitions of words, Melvin.  

It's like trying to talk politics with somebody who's high and obsessed
with inventing their own vocabulary.

Have fun.



You slander yourself. Why should I care about "black history" and University 

What you wrote is about black history and univeristies. I speak of the 
Marxist conception of the National Question and the social position of the African 
American people. What you wrote is a white chauvinist deviation of American 

This is not unusual. You are mistaken. I am writing about the Marxist 
conception of the national question - not black history. It is that simple. Your 
compliance is not necessary on any level. It is not a question of black history 
and you do not get it and that is all right. 

I shall have no fun. Freedom doesn't ring - yet. 

To each his own

Melvin P. 

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