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It's like trying to talk politics with somebody who's high and obsessed
with inventing their own vocabulary.

Have fun.

Last comment

I of course posses the document that define the language that was used in my 
article. It is not my fault that you are unaware of this. I understand your 
position. My position has repeatedly been made clear and traced from Walker's 

Things change. 

There is no need to for me to adopt on any level the conceptions and language 
structure of the dominate bourgeoisie and their ideologists. Where have I 
incorrect described the social position of the African American people in 
American history? Where have I incorrectly described the evolution of the 
Anglo-American people? 

No comrade I speak of the history of the presentation of Marxism and the 
African American Question. I gave the authors names. At least have enough 
manliness to state your disagreement or agreement with the historical presentation of 
Marxism and the national question. 

I am not interested in "black history and universities."  This is race 
ideology. Race ideology is a white chauvinist deviation within Marxism. A deviation 
means to drift. I have not drifted. I understood what you wrote. It is old 
hat. Some things are best left alone. 

Then again, I am a communist worker. 

Melvin P. 

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