[Marxism] Potential Green Party presidential candidates

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Wed Feb 18 19:05:09 MST 2004

Potential Green Party presidential candidates debate at the University of
Southern California

Green Party candidates heatedly argued over differing views on American
military deployment in Iraq during their first presidential debate in
California, hosted by the USC Green Network at Seeley G. Mudd on Saturday

Three candidates attended the debate: Peter Camejo, an investment broker who
debated a number of Republican gubernatorial candidates; David Cobb, who
helped establish the Green Party in Texas and other states, and Dr. Ken
Mesplay, a San Diego air quality inspector.

Cobb and Mesplay attended the debate in full suit and tie, whereas Camejo
wore a casual suede jacket and no tie. While Camejo's colleagues say they
are serious about running for the position of president, Camejo's campaign
would only concentrate on gathering support for the party and providing a
political alternative to the Republican and Democratic platforms.

Cobb and Mesplay said they would support a phased withdrawal from Iraq, but
the words "phased withdrawal" enraged Camejo.

"I would never use the term phased withdrawal," he said, "our troops have no
right to be there."

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Camejo's voice continued to rise until he was shouting at his colleagues.

"I cannot support a candidate who will allow our troops in another country,"
he said in his closing statement.

The argument erupted just as the debate came to a close, and the candidates
agreed that they probably should have started with such an unexpectedly
volatile issue.

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