[Marxism] Query to Jim C

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Feb 18 22:44:04 MST 2004

Jim Craven writes re the term "Native American":
> That is why I and many other ndns I know object to the use of this term.
> Of course there is not a general consensus, but generally speaking, the
> more active and radical the Natives, the less inclined they are to use
> the term "Native Americans." for the reasons I have given--and more.

 From this and the other comments in this particular post, can I take it 
you disagree with those who chose the name American Indian Movement 
(AIM) in the 1970s?  And that you disagree with their pan-Native nations 

Or, is it just that things have moved on since then and that most 
activists who used terms like 'Native American' in the 1970s would no 
longer use such a term or try to build a movement than spanned the 
different indigenous peoples of North America?

Philip Ferguson

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