[Marxism] "Native Americans"

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 18 23:58:49 MST 2004

Date sent:      	Tue, 17 Feb 2004 10:48:40 -0800
From:           	"Craven, Jim" <JCraven at clark.edu>

> When I hear this term, "Native Americans", my blood boils. And 
it is the
> same for many "Natives" (we use this term not as a shorthand for 
> Americans" but as shorthand for "of Indigenous ancestry") I 
know. Why?>>>>

 The historical significance of the term aside, I'm glad to know  that 
"we" (you) speak for all aboriginal people throughout the land. 
 I'll inform a good buddy of mine of this tomorrow...And from now on 
whenever I hear him refer to himself, or "his" people, as "native(s)" 
or "Indian(s)", I'll slap him on the side of his head on your behalf...

> The second reason this term makes my blood boil is that it 
> and homogenizes diverse nations--as it is intended to do-- and 
> over the reality of separate and very diverse Indigenous nations, 
> very diverse cultures and histories [...]<<<<

  *Kind* of like  "dam white academics" (to paraphase your 
statement a while back)?

  I see your point, but I also remember you  being dismissive when 
I pointed out the way you similarly homogenize Europeans, as you 
do again below with: "white liberals" . Who exactly are they?. 


<<> Finally this term is most often employed by solicitious white liberals
> and/or outright anti-Natives often trying to sound so solicitous and
> caring: "You people, the original 'Americans', 'Native Americans', have
> been so... and we believe that you 'Native Americans' should also share
> in the American dream."
> No recognition, of course, that this "American dream" is a myth for the
> many, only available for the few, and was built through stolen
> resources, genocide, forced assimilation of various Native nations--and
> it is not past tense, but is going on as we speak. There is no BCA
> (Bureau of Caucasian Affairs) or even BA-AA (Bureau of African-American
> Affairs).

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