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Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 19 02:16:21 MST 2004

Special Collections at the University of Oregon Libraries does contain
the Papers of Leo Huberman (1903-1968) listed under number Ax 688 .

The Huberman Papers are NOT listed in the UO Special Collections "The
Labor Project: Dedicated to the Preservation of Labor and Working-Class
History in the Pacific Northwest".

Here's why:

Leo Huberman taught working class history in several labor schools.
Huberman authored great labor classics.  He worked on the Harry Bridges
Defense Committee.  He also worked on the King-Ramsay-Connor Defense
Committee as its publicity director and wrote an eight page pamphlet
about the case "Free These Three: A Labor Story by Leo Huberman" that
traded on his fame and name recognition in labor circles.  He was the
pre-war PR director for the Northern California CIO.  He was the first
labor editor for the progressive New York newspaper PM.  During WWII he
was the education and publicity director of the National Maritime Union.

Here's the chronological list of books written by Leo Huberman:

1932  We, the People
1936  Man’s Worldly Goods
1937  The Labor Spy Racket
1940  America, Incorporated
1941  The Great Bus Strike
1946  The Truth About Unions
1947  We, the People (Revised)
1950  The Truth About Socialism
1953  The ABC of Socialism (with Sybil May)

Books co-written and co-edited with Paul Sweezy:

1950  F.O. Mathiessen (1902-1950): A Collective Portrait
1961  Cuba: Anatomy of a Revolution
1963  Whither Latin America?
1965  Paul A. Baran (1910-1964): A Collective Portrait
1968  Fifty Years of Soviet Power
1968  Regis Debray and the Latin American Revolution
1968  Socialism in Cuba

Huberman also wrote many pamphlets, talks, editorials, book reviews, and
articles for magazines and newspapers, much of it about labor and the
working class.  Huberman and Sweezy founded Monthly Review in 1949.
Huberman started up the Monthly Review Press a couple of years later.
In 1959 MR Press published the collection of essays edited by Bert
Cochran, "Labor At Mid-Passage", one of which was by Harry Braverman,
“Labor and Politics.”  That's as far as I'll go for now.  Maybe they
just haven't got around to it yet.  I'll drop them a line, though, just
in case.  Since the topic came up here first, I felt it proper to
provide the above to this list, and press on.

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