[Marxism] Jose 'Pluto' Perez

DoC donaloc at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 19 05:25:01 MST 2004

>The great DoC has spoken!

>He hath spoken! Down with you riotous rabble, and repeat after me, you
great unwashed:  "Yes, massa. Of course, massa. Right away, massa."

>O, and by the way, sorry about all your shot down helicopters and shot
up troops and dead quisling collaborationists, massa.

Quite what this outburst says about my argument is beyond me. What it
says about the author is a different thing. You remind me of a little
child daydreaming of shooting down helicopters. I wouldn't like to be
relying on you for covering fire anyway. Is it any wonder the US left is
in the state it is?

What exactly are you saying? Is this the sum total of your contribution
to this discussion or can you raise a little higher and actually
communicate effectively with me. I honestly don't understand what it
means. Does anyone else?

Is mise

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