[Marxism] Iraq and Ireland and anti-imperialism

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Thu Feb 19 07:47:28 MST 2004

"Nestor Gorojovsky" <nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar> writes:

> If it looks too simple, I am sorry: that is the way actual world 
> works. What is not _that_ simple is the ways in which people in the 
> First World, with the best intentions admittedly, are carried to 
> believe that things are somehow more complex thant the simpleton 
> schema above.

I think two things, at least, are at play:

1. Supporting armed resistance against the family members of those
   around you, is not an easy position to take presently.

2. A notion of "violence only brings more violence" and similiar
   "ethics" which are an important part of the humanist religion here
   in the U.S., makes it difficult to support armed resistance,
   especially when it is masked by the occupation media coverage, as

Issue 1 manifests largely amongst the same sector of society Army
parasites for it's soldiers.  Issue 2 is more prevelant amongst the
liberal middle-class, and the left intelligentsia.  Neither of them is
easily overcome.  When political groupings which should know better
start supporting this line, it is in an attempt to appease, or "not
alienate" these sectors.

> "The fact that the US is in a quagmire in Iraq is largely due to the
> armed resistance.  If the left in the West can't turn that to
> advantage then it really is pretty pathetic and pretty stuffed."

Forget the "left in the West" as it manifests in the various journals,
syndicated radio programs, and websites.  It will not overcome the two
issues blocking it from supporting armed resistance in Iraq.

And just in case any of those in the class being predated by the
military get some ideas about supporting armed resistance, today we
see a soldier charged with the intent to meet with military
investigators posing as Al-Quaida.

How, in that environment, is someone supposed to "support armed
resistance" in any but the most abstract manner?  For this reason, I
would not get too angry at the Left in the imperial core for not
taking advantage of the armed resistance.

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