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But all of this is an illustration why many natives I know (which is
exactly how I framed it in my original missive) want nothing to do with
so-called non-ndn "radicals" especially those whose contributions to
world revolution and linking up with various sections of the oppressed
amount to not much more than sitting on their asses in comfortable
places, running their fingers over keyboards and playing at revolution
and radical consciousness through sniping, "gotcha" (usually with
misrepresentations of what was originally argued to which they are
responding) jargon and sloganeering, cherry picking data and
quote-mongering (read blind appeals to authority as if opinion were
evidence) from the revered saints of Marxism and just snotty comments
like the one above. 

Jim C


There are things your ear will not hear and this makes sense to me. Your 
comments disclose the petty bourgeois character of the AIM and has very little to 
do with English words, although you have mastered the English language. 

Many comrade do not know how to approach what is called Marxism and the 
national question. The non sovereign people object to this formulation and their 
reality being called "a question." 

I know this because I am fly. 

"I'm fly" and listen to a sad song. 

In intimate discussions what is spoken of is "the white people question." 

The African American Marxists - generated on the basis of 1967 Detroit, have 
liberated Marxism from the Marxists. Now the real battle begins.  

I publicly thank the comrade who privately sent me "Southern Populism and 
Black Labor." The material is dated but it is more than less accurate. Actually, 
it is an excellent read. 

Socialism offers us nothing. Communism or nothing. 

Thirty years ago I staked out my position on the basis of David Walker in the 
1790s, because I did not exist as such before then. This is f***ed up. My 
identity was in formation. 

The abolition of bourgeois property has to begin in the mind and be made 
flesh.  This is not necessary for a people that has not property in their mind in 
the first place. 

Implicit in the conception that a class has to be abolished to be liberated 
is the conception that white people as white has to be abolished. I am part of 
a people - by choice, that has been abolished repeatedly, only to arise anew. 
Slave, sharecropper, industrial worker and communist class. 

The circle the Indian peoples - nations, completed, without traveling, my 
family traveled. Everything was won and nothing was won. 

Wounded Knee destroyed my mother forever. 

I have tried to write about this and the keyboard fights me and the pain 
grips me and I am hurled into the incomprehensible. 

Insanity does not know it is insane. Shit does not know it stinks. 

No one speaks for everyone and everyone cannot speak on behalf of the one. 

Marxism has been taken out of the hands of the oppressors. Lenin was of the 
oppressing people. Stalin was not. I like Lenin. I like Stalin better. 
Surrender is not possible. The social position is intractable. The Anglo American 
people - in the USNA and Canada manifest an intractable social position. History 
is called into question and has to be abolished as it has been made manifest. 

I often confuse friend with for because I cannot look at people and their 
words and immediately distinguish friend from foe. 

Then you are asked about words and not logic. 


>From the standpoint of the landing of Europeans into the Americas and the 
colonization of the Americas, there has not been one progressive social movement 
outside the bleeding of the black and their assertion for freedom. I thank the 
comrade for "Southern Populism and Black Labor" because here are eyes that 

Montgomery Alabama was brilliant. My face shall not be slapped and it is a 
mistake to spit on me, unless it is my wife. Other mutherfuckers go quietly in 
the night. Renouncing my mother and father and my wife mother and father - the 
thought, fills me with an emotion where I will push the button on every 
mutherfucker on earth. 

I got some nigga shit that is deep. I am not trying to f**k over Mark L. and 
other comrades but I am to far gone. I am the most liberal. of my kind. I am 
the deviation.  Other mutherfuckers will not even talk and subject their ear to 
violence. Trotskyite tradition . . . nigga please. 

You reject the slaughter of history already in motion. It is not like I 
killed myself. 

I have to be careful. 

I am in Texas and trapped by a logic I never understand until after the fact. 
My wife is coming in March. 

They have destroyed my older brother and he cannot disengage. 

"Bother get out while there is time. Write your history, I will help." 

Some fight history and others try and write it. I shall never be the man of 
my brother and have to live with this forever. His level of insurgency has 
distorted his body. His eyes are not clear. He has become barbarian to fight the 

There is nothing I can do but add to the thousand year tear. 

By the time this is all over I may not be a very nice person. 

Lou, please do not unsubscribe me because this is an emotion. I will not call 
comrades bad things but their is a lot of things I just do not understand. 
The "their" makes it personal. 

Melvin P. 

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