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Chasing Judith Miller off the Stage
| Derek Seidman |

When I heard that the New York Times correspondent Judith Miller was 
going to be speaking at a local campus last week, I was eager to check 
her out. Ever since I read Pulitzer Prize winner Samantha Power's 
atrocious review of Noam Chomksy's "Hegemony or Survival" in the Times 
book review last month, I've been increasingly on the lookout for these 
intellectual-defenders of an "enlightened" imperialism . Moreover, 
seeing Judith Miller (also a Pulitzer winner) was especially enticing, 
as she has been embroiled in controversy for her role in the Iraq war. 
(Read full)

Hated Victims, Hidden Racism: : Palestinians and the Zionist Enterprise 
(Part Three of Four)
| M. Junaid Alam |

Much is made of the fact that the Arabs rejected the UN Partition plan, 
as if rejecting a plan drawn up by the imperial powers to carve up 
Palestine for a hostile, racist colonial population bent on ethnic 
cleansing were a crime. More to the point, however, is the fact that 
Israeli leaders, in full accordance with their colonial ambitions, also 
rejected the plan as final boundaries for the Jewish state, as we will 
see. (Read full)

Rally for Bus Drivers at University of Texas
| Matthew Wackerle |

On February 9, disgruntled bus drivers and local activists staged a 
rally at the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue at UT demanding that the 
school's administration place pressure on its contractor to provide 
adequate compensation for its employees. Included amongst those giving 
speeches were representatives of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 
1549, the Campaign for a Living Wage, and the International Socialist 
Organization. Musicians provided rhythm to the event, singing songs 
calling for social justice and the old American labor hymnal "Solidarity 
Forever." (Read full)

William Blum's Killing Hope (Book Review) | Killing Myths, Shaming Deniers
| Macdonald Stainsby |

William Blum's "Killing Hope: US military and CIA interventions since 
World War II" would be used as a textbook in colleges and universities, 
were a course that gave a realistic appraisal of imperialism in the 20th 
Century offered. However, it is both heavily detailed and researched 
while remaining actually engaging.

The credibility of his research is hard to top; Blum is a former 
employee of the US State Department who began a lifelong dedication to 
anti-imperialist work after his opposition to American interventionist 
policy grew well beyond isolated incidents, and instead into a critique 
of the nature of US Imperialism itself. "Killing Hope" is the 
culmination of this sea-change in outlook. (Read full)

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