[Marxism] Iran nuke scare

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Fri Feb 20 08:40:31 MST 2004

Iran met an IAEA October 31, 2003 deadline on Iran to prove it was not
secretly developing atomic weapons, and the IAEA looked at military sites in
Iran as part of an investigation to determine if Iran has a "secret atomic
weapons programme" as the United States government alleges.

Iran subsequently delivered a report to IAEA comprehensively disclosing its
activities in the nuclear field. The IAEA found that while Iran had failed
to declare some of its nuclear activities in the past, there was still no
evidence Iran was actually specifically developing atomic weapons, as had
been claimed previously. It did note nearly 20 years of concealment of
several activities, such as enriching uranium and processing small amounts
of plutonium, in principle usable in a bomb, and with virtually no civilian
uses, and that Iran had conducted secret tests of its enrichment centrifuges
using nuclear material.

On 12 February 2004 the IAEA also discovered designs for the advanced P2
centrifuge that should have been, but were not, mentioned in Iran's October
2003 declaration of its atomic program. Inspectors looking through Iranian
nuclear documents found drawings of a so-called P-2 gas centrifuge, with
more capacity than the P-1 Iran had previously acknowledged using to enrich

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi admitted Iran is doing research on
the P-2, but for peaceful purposes. Pakistan had supplied Libya with the
same type of plans for a gas centrifuge, but also with a weapon design.
Controversy remained whether or not the Pakistanis had also supplied Iran
with a nuclear weapon warhead design.

Reportedly IAEA international inspectors now say they have located "P-2"
centrifuge parts at the Doshen-Tappen air base near Iran's capital, Tehran.
These parts are "far superior, more sophisticated than anything" that the
Iranians had revealed publicly before. The find at the air base seemed to
undermine Iran's claim it is not pursuing the production of a nuclear bomb.
But whereas Iranians had indeed constructed and tested a gas-centrifuge
system there, which is used to refine uranium for either nuclear reactors or
for bombs, reportedly there is no indication that any uranium was actually
inserted or enriched.

Nevertheless the neoconservative press continues to froth with hysteria, and
claims all sorts of conspiracies and secret plots to either build nuclear
bombs, or hide their existence in Iran. The fact is no nuclear bomb was
built in Iran, and no nuclear bomb exists there, beyond the possibility that
a few warheads were imported a decade ago, but that is old news. The
hysteria is just being whipped up to assist foreign subversion of Iranian
politics, with the aim of advancing imperialist influence.

The whole dispute is about a nuclear bomb which "could" or "might" be made,
but which hasn't actually been made. In reality, a nuclear bomb "could" be
made anywhere by anyone, with a bit of nouse and some money, either from
existing componentry, as a modification of an existing nuclear weapon, or a
newly designed device. All it takes is some fissile material, alone or in
combination with conventional explosives (a "dirty" bomb). That's old news
also, that was known already before I ever knew anything about the birds and
the bees, and a theme in a few Hollywood movies.

What the neocons are saying is, that that nuclear weapons ought not to be
used by anyone, except by the United States government, or governments under
American supervision such as Israel. All the rest of the rhetoric is
windowdressing. It is the United States itself that is the biggest source of
risk in the area of nuclear warfare, because it combines the largest
collection of nuclear weapons with the greatest political stupidity.

Reportedly Patrick Clawson, deputy director of The Washington Institute for
Near East Policy said: "The question is, did the Iranians actually give us
the Full Monty, or are they just doing a striptease?". David Albright,
president of the Institute for Science and International Security in
Washington said: "You want the Iranians to reveal more, and we know there is
more to reveal."

That is justabout all they really have to say in American porno politics on
the topic.


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