[Marxism] Immigration prisoners solidarize with striking Utah coal miners

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Fri Feb 20 11:45:04 MST 2004

>From March 1 Militant (letters column):

Immigration prisoners solidarize with striking Utah coal miners

Solidarity with miners
Twenty prisoners at the Hudson County Corrections Center in Kearny, New
Jersey, signed and sent a message of solidarity January 14 to the coal
miners on strike against CW Mining near Huntington, Utah. (See
front-page article.) They also sent a copy of their letter to the
Militant, asking that it be published. Excerpts from the message appear
Two of the men—Farouk Abdel-Muhti and Abdul Hamid—sent personal letters
of support to the miners at the same time. 

Excerpts from these letters also appear below.

All of these prisoners were jailed under accusations of violating U.S.
immigration law. Farouk Abdel-Muhti’s campaign against this injustice is
known to readers of the Militant. He is an outspoken advocate of the
Palestinian struggle for self-determination who was arrested in April
2002 and has been held without charges ever since.
Abdel-Muhti has gained wide support for his fight to be released from
prison and against Washington’s effort to deport him. Letters demanding
his release should be sent to David Venturella, Office of Detention and
Removal, Department of Homeland Security: fax (202) 353-9435; tel. (202)
514-8663; e-mail: david.venturella at dhs.gov, with copies to the defense
committee at freefarouk at yahoo.com.

Message from 20 prisoners
We want to send our heartfelt support to the miners in Utah. They are
engaged in a just strike, and are courageously claiming their right to
return to their jobs and demanding recognition as unionists organized
inside the UMWA [United Mine Workers of America] with the right to be
treated with respect on the job
. The treatment handed out to the miners
seems to us abusive, as they were suspended from their jobs and thrown
out into the streets to swell the numbers of the unemployed; in our
eyes, these actions by the Co-Op owners are undemocratic and antiquated.

These exploiters are holding off the formation of a union, when the
right of free association is a right won many years ago and is accepted
and recognized by the whole world. This backward attitude shows that
they want to go on exploiting and abusing the workers, and violating
their rights.

The right to organize in the UMWA is
a natural right of humanity; the
bosses are still living in the epoch of the cave-dwellers, and we are
obliged to wake them up to reality
. To be able to defend this right it
is necessary to organize against this feudalistic company, which is
backed by the Sheriff and by the system manipulated by the imperialist
administration in Washington.

We call on all people of principles and with true humanity, on students,
professionals, housewives, and all the workers of the country and the
entire world to support these valiant miners with funds, food,
medicines, publicity, and legal assistance (especially to the
immigrants) so they can continue their battle.
We are sending this message from the immigration prison in Hudson County
Correctional Center, Unit B100 West, in Kearny, New Jersey, where we are
detained awaiting deportation.
Go forward with courage!
Farouk Abdel-Muhti, Palestine
Abdul Hamid Wady, Colombia
Gianni, Italy
Hemnauth Mohabis, Guyana
Sory Soeun, Cambodia
Pantaleon Remigio, Dominican Republic
Traore Aboubacar, Guinea
Francisco Espinoza, Cuba
Nuo Li, People’s Republic of China
Ricardo Ventura, Brazil
Juanoc Vosye, Ukraine
Pedro Rodríguez, Cuba
Nic Vong, Laos
Marcelino Pons, Cuba
Renaldo Izquierdo, Cuba
Noor Mohammed, India
Antonio Martin, Cape Verde
Edward Morgan, Jamaica
Luis Pardo, Colombia
Glen Salcedo, Ecuador

Farouk Abdel-Muhti:
To my brothers and comrade mine workers of Utah. The valiant Palestinian
people are fighting with the intifada to free their occupied lands and
obtain their independence, sovereignty in the territories occupied on
June 4, 1967, and the return of their refugees, who have been crucified
for 55 years, to their homes in the historic land of Palestine.
I link arms with your resistance, to the just and dignified demands you
have raised as workers and lovers of liberty, equality, and peace with

Abdul Hamid Wady:
I am Colombian and 64 years old, 30 years dedicated to the union
movement in Colombia, and my experience in the union allows me to say
that the only weapon of the working class that can defeat the exploiting
bosses and reactionaries is the strike—that’s what hurts them most and
is most likely to force the irrational ones to locate their powers of

To vanquish or to die! Never on our knees! 

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